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Handtype Press is a company that showcases the finest literature and art created by signers, Deaf and hearing alike, or about the Deaf or signing experience the world over.

We are interested in new full-length books of interest to our global community. We would be happy to consider fiction, essays, memoirs, and translations into English of signed and written works in other languages. In other words, we want high quality work. Please query the publisher with a brief summary of your project, your publishing history, and a sample of your work (preferably the first 20 pages of prose) in a Word file to:

Handtype Press has also established Squares and Rebels, an imprint that focuses on either the queer and/or disability experience.

It would also help us a great deal if you ordered a book or two directly from us. Such purchases will enable us to support other projects such as the future publication of your book. Passion for the best in Deaf and signing literature alone isn't enough for Handtype Press to survive; we need financial sustenance. Like it or not, money does talk.

Thank you for supporting Handtype Press with your purchase!

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