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10 April 2017

For Immediate Release

A short story collection that reimagines what it means to be a fae.

Publication Date: 15 July 2017

Handtype Press is thrilled to announce the release of Kristen Ringman’s I Stole You: Stories from the Fae. In these wide-ranging stories told from the perspectives of a Thai ghost, an Irish fairy trapped in a dog’s body, a crow fae, an Icelandic birch tree elf, a dream thief, and other shapeshifting creatures, Kristen Ringman examines whether these fae would love a human or kill them after a close look into their hearts.

About the book

Ringman, whose novel Makara was a Lambda Literary Award finalist for Debut Fiction, has this to say about her second book:

I wrote the stories with the intention of writing about love in a way that could go beyond gender. I decided to do that by writing from an “other” perspective and not allowing myself to ever mention the gender of the lover/victim. After all, fae creatures could be a metaphor for any “other” or marginalized human beings.

I did this by using second person POV and describing the “you” human in ways that could be either male or female. 

In one of my stories, there is a clearly bisexual character, but the reader doesn’t know their gender, so either gender can be imagined.

I did this with Jeanette Winterson’s novel Written on the Body in mind as a successful example of concealing gender, because she told a love story while never mentioning the narrator’s gender. 

I also did this to explore the ways how we as humans both love and consume each other, and what human beings might look like from an “other” perspective a slight step away from ourselves.

My stories touch the edges of fantasy and horror genres, though at heart I consider them to be magical realism.


Here’s what three other writers have to say about I Stole You: Stories from the Fae:

“Ringman achieves a haunting, sexy, and visually stirring collection that explores the tension of identity, longing, and the intricacies of connection and obsession in this series of beautiful, complicated settings populated by a both magical and deeply frail, human cast. She effortlessly severs the line between mythology, the supernatural and practicality, and the reader recognizes that desperation to be known, to be understood, to be considered unique to an otherworldly presence, and to ourselves.” —Hilaree Robinson, co-author of The Distance

“The true wondrousness of Fae is as sly as it is innocent; it is magical and grounded, brutal and graceful, edgy and tender. Through a blend of fantasy, horror, and magical realism, Ringman digs around in the human condition, unearthing truths of the psyche, the body, and the spirit.” —Kate Evans, author of Call It Wonder: an odyssey of love, sex, spirit, and travel

“Dark and haunting, yet beautiful and hypnotic. Ringman brings poetry and beauty even to the monstrous.” —Christopher Jon Heuer, author of Bug: Deaf Identity and Internal Revolution


Kristen Ringman is a deaf writer, traveler, and mother. She writes multi-cultural lyrical fiction and poetry inspired by her persistent wanderings to far off places. She is the author of Makara: A Novel (Handtype Press), a Lambda Literary Award finalist in Debut Fiction, and the editor of Everyday Haiku: An Anthology (Wandering Muse Press). She received her MFA from Goddard College in 2008. She’s currently working on her first poetry collection and literary fiction novels that play with the boundaries of magical realism, fantasy, and horror. Her work can be found in various anthologies such as Deaf Lit Extravaganza and QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology.

Media-Related Information

Kristen Ringman is available for interviews. Review copies can be requested directly from the publisher. The title will be available in the more popular e-book formats on July 15, 2017. For high-resolution images for use in print and online, please go to http://www.handtype.com/pr or contact the publisher directly (handtype@gmail.com).

I Stole You: Stories from the Fae.
Kristen Ringman.
ISBN: 978-1-941960-04-2
116 pp. 5 x 7 trade paperback. $15

About Handtype Press

Handtype Press is a company that showcases the finest literature and art created by signers, Deaf and hearing alike, or about the Deaf or signing experience the world over. Founded in the spring of 2007, Handtype has gone on to publish a total of nine titles, including Kristen Ringman’s Lambda Literary Award-nominated novel Makara, John Lee Clark's Where I Stand: On the Signing Community and My DeafBlind Experience, and Christopher Jon Heuer’s forthcoming anthology Tripping the Tale Fantastic: Weird Fiction by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers. For more information, go to http://www.handtype.com/

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